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My name is E. H. 'Dan' Daniels, CRE, FRICS and President of Greater Houston Market Services, LLC. Our practice specializes in land, and land consulting and we have been in business for 15 years. I have done business with Andy and his staff since we started our company. Andy and the HomeLand staff are principled professionals who are knowledgeable, dedicated, and successful. They know the markets and sub-markets, prices, opportunities as well as issues, and they deliver the same dedicated focus if working on 50 acres or 50,000 acres. Whether you are reviewing opportunities to invest your money or advising clients, HomeLand represents the top as well as the best. - Dan Daniels, CRE, FRICS, President of GHMS, LLC

When we became 'empty-nesters' a few years ago, HomeLand Properties helped us sell our home and acreage as well as find our new property where our new home now sits. Both transactions were somewhat technical and each were handled professionally and efficiently. - Scott McCarley

All of my association with HomeLand Properties has always been truly professional, knowledgeable and updated on each and every property they have handled for me and others I have observed.

Andy Flack and Karen Stout both have the high energy level it takes to represent and market property in varying market conditions. They have a knowledge of market and trends that many, if not most, lack and don't truly understand. They have built a base of both buyers and sellers second to none in the real estate market within which they operate.

I have not met a team in my 30 years of real estate business that works harder, goes farther, tries new approaches to make sales, and has a true knowledge of real estate in their area.

In my opinion, the team of HomeLand Properties with Andy and Karen is second to none. I would have no problem recommending them to both buyers and sellers and feel confident their individual needs would be met with professional service by two very friendly and considerate people. - Mike Palmer, Retired Real Estate Manager for 30 Years

I have used HomeLand Properties on a couple different land deals, both buying and selling, and could not be more pleased. The information they provided, such as maps, important contacts, and help with the closing; as well as explaining some of the tougher items such as appraisals, comps, mineral rights were all handled in house. Karen Stout was always easy to contact and quick to find an answer if she didn't already have it. Very knowledgeable and professional. I had such good dealings with them on land, I even used one of their home specialists, Alice Ellisor, to buy my house. - Chris deMilliano, Steely Lumber Co.

Whether you're selling or buying one acre or a thousand acres, you and your business are important to Andy Flack and the folks that work at HomeLand Properties. Professional, ethical service is the cornerstone of HomeLand Properties and is the standard in all of their real estate transactions. - Thomas Poe

As a Farm, Ranch & Timber Property lender, I have had the opportunity to work with Andy Flack, John Paul Lampson, Karen Stout, and many other agents on the HomeLand Properties team on literally hundreds of real estate transactions over the past 10 years. I have come to know and respect them as honest, ethical, knowldedgeable, and professional ambassadors of the rural real estate industry in Southeast Texas.

They work with dedication and integrity on either side of a transaction, and have the hands-on experience to successfully guide both novice and seasoned real estate buyers and sellers into fair, successful transactions. Their intricate knowledge of the resources and markets in which they operate provides buyers and sellers the benefit of true professional representaion, even in the most complex transactions.

It is a true privilege to have the HomeLand team as business associates and friends. - Wally Hinkle, Senior Vice President, Capital Farm Credit - Conroe


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